Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Arlington National Cemetery, 3 August 2013

The change in these past years
Has made me see our world
In many different ways
How can I tell you, love can change our destiny.

Love can change the world
Love can change your life
Do what makes you happy
Do what you know is right
And love with all your might
Before it's too late

"My Song"
Moody Blues


  1. Geeeeezzzzzzz, give us all a break!

  2. You sound like a FOOL, but then again , what else would I expect!

  3. Ema Nymton,

    First of all, the "Shaw Keewee" @November 9, is not me. It's Radical Redneck who thinks he's clever and "making a point" by stealing people's avatar and name. He does call himself a "red neck" after all, so that explains his rank stupidity.

    Secondly, why do you bother to post on those conservative blogs? They're not interested in any view point other than their own. The hate liberals. Why go where you're not wanted? You're welcome to come to my blog and let your opinion be known. It isn't worth having those self-proclaimed "Xtians" insult and demean you. They live to destroy and slander folks who don't think like they do.

    They're to be pitied more than disliked, since their behavior is in response to the uncomfortable fact that they are a dwindling minority in this country, and soon will be left behind.